When a wetland is lost, we all lose, because wetlands are among nature’s most productive ecosystems that provide critical habitat to not only ducks, but more than 900 species in North America. A wetland is a natural filtering system that helps keep our rivers and sounds clean for drinking water and for recreational opportunities such as boating, swimming and fishing. North Carolina Sponsors provide over $400,000 annually to our conservation mission and are a primary source for future major donors. In some instances, DU can conserve an acre of habitat in the Prairie Pothole Region, also known as the Duck Factory for as little as $250.

Sponsors in NC

  • 2014 NC Ducks Unlimited had 2,005 Sponsors.  This raised $503,750 from Sponsors alone.
  • In 2013 NC Ducks Unlimited had 1,857 Sponsors for $464,250.
  • The increase in sponsors raised an additional  $39,500.
  • 20% of the money spent in last 10 years spent in the Atlantic Flyway was spent in NC
  • Since 1999 DU has invested over  $22,000,000  in NC alone


What do my Sponsor dollars do?

  • Sponsors were responsible for protecting 2,005 acres of waterfowl habitat in NC on the wintering grounds and on the breeding grounds in the Prairie Pothole Regions of North America in 2014.
  • NC Ducks Unlimited has protected, enhanced or restored 107,205 acres in NC alone.
  • Ducks Unlimited is the only waterfowl organization that works in all of North America


More Sponsors = More Ducks !

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