2016 NCDU Calling Championships Results

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2016  NCDU Calling Championships

2016 was no exception! It was another great year in Kinston for North Carolina and regional callers at the North Carolina Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Calling Championships. Tremendous thanks go to Neuse Sport Shop for sponsoring and accommodating the event. Thanks also to Kinston Visitors and Convention Bureau for the hospitality and support. RigEmRight Waterfowl as always stepped up and contributed greatly to the occasion as well as Illinois River Valley Game Calls, RM Custom Calls and of course North Carolina Ducks Unlimited including Sportsmen for Tomorrow providing youth contestant support. Kudos to all the volunteers that helped put this event on. It was a job well done.

Congratulations to 2016 winners! Taking home the NC State Duck Championship title was Ben Perez of Burlington, NC (Ben is a three time winner of this contest). Ben will represent North Carolina in the World’s Contest. Brook Richard of Paducah, KY will represent the region in the World’s Contest due to winning the Pamlico Regional Duck Championship. NC State title goose belongs to Seth Hampton from Washington, NC (Seth is a three time winner of this contest). World Swan winner was Brett Mason of Swan Quarter, NC (his first title). Open contests included NCDU Goose won by Trevor Shannahan of Paducah, KY, NCDU Meat duck won by Seth Fields of McKenzie, TN,  NCDU Team Meat duck won by Lawrence Mauck of Richmond, VA and Teddy Hoover of Easton, MD and the NCDU Live Duck was won by Seth Fields.

The youth callers showcased some amazing calling skills. Junior World Swan winner was Luke Hatton of Elkton, MD. NC State Junior Goose title went to Jack Hawthorneof Church Hill, MD. NC State Junior Champion was Jack Hawthorne. Payton Wall of Four Oaks, NC holds the NCDU Youth title this year winning this twelve and under contest.

2016 NCDU Calling Championship Results

Pamlico Regional
1Brook RichardPaducah, KY
2Ben PerezBurlington, NC
3Lawrence MauckRichmond, VA
4Chad ScarboroughOdum, GA
5Dustin WrightTabor City, NC
6Jacob SuttonKinston, NC
7Chase Wall Four Oaks, NC
8Jacob FortnerLawrenceville, GA
9Mike DlugosChapel Hill, NC
10Alex CirauloFlowering Branch, GA
11Jason ThynesMawning, SC
12Seth HamptonWashington, NC
NCDU Open Goose
1Trevor ShannahanPaducah, KY
2Teddy HooverEaston, MD
3Jack HawthorneChurch Hill, SC
4Seth HamptonWashington, NC
5Luke HattonElkton, MD
6Lee WilliamsSutherland, VA
7Joe FinneySalisbury, NC
8Alex CirauloFlowering Branch, GA
NCDU Open Meat Duck
1Seth FieldsMckenzie, TN
2Trevor ShannahanPaducah, KY
3Ben PerezBurlington, NC
4Ronald LaunNew London, NC
5Luke HattonElkton, MD
6Teddy HooverEaston, MD
7Alex CirauloFlowering Branch, GA
8Dustin WrightTabor City, NC
9Chad ScarboroughOdum, GA
10Jack HawthorneChurch Hill, MD
11Jason ThynesMawning, SC
12Hunter ThynesMawning, SC
13Lawrence MauckRichmond, VA
14Bradley MccrackenConway, SC
15Truett FarmerRockwell, NC
NCDU Live Duck
1Seth FieldsMckenzie, TN
2Trevor ShannahanPaducah, KY
3Ronald LaunNew London, NC
4Chad ScarboroughOdum, GA
5Truett FarmerRockwell, NC
6Hunter ThynesMawning, SC
7Ben PerezBurlington, NC
8Jason ThynesMawning, SC
9Lawrence MauckRichmond, VA
NCDU Open 2 man Meat Duck
1Lawrence MauckRichmond, VA
Teddy HooverEaston, MD
2Trevor ShannahanPaducah, KY
Seth FieldsMckenzie, TN
3Seth FieldsMckenzie, TN
Ronald LaunNew London, NC
4Lawrence MauckRichmond, VA
Ben PerezBurlington, NC
5Trevor ShannahanPaducah, KY
Teddy HooverEaston, MD
6Ben PerezBurlington, NC
Ronald LaunNew London, NC
7Hunter ThynesMawning, SC
Dustin WrightTabor City, NC
8Chad ScarboroughOdum, GA
Truett FarmerRockwell, NC
World Swan
1Brett MasonSwan Quarter, NC
2Trevor ShannahanPaducah, KY
3John TaylorQuantico, MD
4Lawrence MauckRichmond, VA
5Seth FieldsMckenzie, TN
Junior World Swan
1Luke HattonElkton, MD
2Jack HawthorneChurch Hill, MD
3Hunter ThynesMawning, SC
NC Junior Goose
1Jack HawthorneChurch Hill, MD
2Luke HattonElkton, MD
3Payton WallFour Oaks, NC
NC State Goose
1Seth HamptonWashington, NC
2Joe FinneySalisbury, NC
3Brandon RichPufftown, NC
NCDU Youth Duck
1Payton WallFour Oaks, NC
(only contestant first place)
NC State Junior Duck
1Jack HawthorneChurch Hill, MD
2Luke HattonElkton, MD
3Bryce JonesGoldsboro, NC
4Bradley MccrackenConway, SC
5Hunter ThynesMawning, SC
6Brandon TiesingMarion, SC
NC State Duck
1Ben PerezBurlington, NC
2Jacob SuttonKinston, NC
3Dustin WrightTabor City, NC
4Mike DlugosChapel Hill, NC
5Chase WallFour Oaks, NC
6Seth HamptonWashington, NC